Made in the USA and backed by a two-year extended warranty - the CoolBot is a revolutionary product that allows small business, farmers, florists, brewers, wine lovers, restaurants, convienence stores and hunters to access walk-in refrigeration at a fraction of the price of a traditional commercial refrigeration unit.

The (2006 Patent) technology replaces the brute force approach of fans and surface area with a micro-controller 'brain' that intelligently interfaces with your air conditioner - controlling and co-ordinating its output without rewiring or freeze-ups.

Looking for cold storage on a budget? Since 2006, tens of thousands of CoolBots have been sold worldwide from florists to farmers and everyone in between.

What about the harsh Australian conditions? Hundreds of CoolBots have been tested in Australian conditions and have all received brilliant results. The CoolBot has also been tested in other tropical climates including Papua New Guinea, Bangladesh, Thailand and Equatorial Africa as part of USAID projects.


Temperatures as low as 2˚C 

No tradesperson required

SAVE 83% in set-up costs

 SAVE 40% in electricity expenses

No re-gas required

No Tools Required 

No fuss Installation    

Continuous cold room monitoring available


From apples to zucchinis, farmers and small business owners from around the world have trusted the CoolBot for their walk-in cooling systems. Why not convert the house pantry into a walk-in cold-room?  A CoolBot-driven system can be used to store inventory at refrigerated temperatures in any climate.  Adding a walk-in cooler to your farm or business note only keeps your produce fresh for longer but will also save you money like these satisfied Australian CoolBot owners...

"Installing a coolbot has been the perfect solution for our coolroom requirements.  Easy to install - a cheap, reliable and effective way to store our cut flowers post harvest. Michael was fantastic in helping us with  everything from choosing the right air conditioner for our needs to installation advice. We love our coolbot!"  

Brenda & Andrew, L - Good Hope Blooms, Good Hope, NSW

"I've used the CoolBot in three different market garden setups and it has been an absolute game changer. It allows me to cool vegetables without the costs associated with an expensive compressor. I am about to begin a new project and a fourth CoolBot is at the top of my list of things to purchase." 


Harry. W, - Market Gardener, Fremantle, Western Australia